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White Mountain Central Railroad

Visit the White Mountain Central Railroad in Lincoln, New Hampshire.

Conway Scenic Railroad

Bangor & Aroostook Railroad State of Maine Boxcar fresh out of the paintshop at the Conway Scenic Railroad, in North Conway, New Hampshire.

North Carolina Transportation Museum

Southern FP7 at the NC Transportation Museum loacted at the historic Southern Railway Shops in Spencer, North Carolina.

Conway Scenic Railroad Museum

Steam and Diesel power on Railfan Day at the Conway Scenic Railroad in North Conway, NH.

Mount Washington Cog Railway

Climb to the Top of Mount Washington in the New Hampshire White Mountains on the world's first mountain-climbing Cog Railway train.

Blue Ridge Scenic Railway

Enjoy a ride along the Toccoa River in the Chattahoochee National Forest on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway. Trains depart from the historic depot in Blue Ridge, Georgia and travel to the GA/TN State Line and return.

South Carolina Railroad Museum

Experience the history of railroads in SC and ride the Rockton, Rion and Western Railroad (RR&W). Located near Winnsboro, SC, the museum offers hour long train rides, BBQ trains, and special events!

Circus Model Builders Plan Library

The CIRCUS MODEL BUILDERS have made their entire plan library now available online!
Get started building your circus models today!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pacific Rail Shops R 40-23 Reefer Update

The Product Database Project has been significantly expanded in the area of Pacific Rail Shops R40-23 Steel Ice Refrigerator cars. Where multiple road numbers were run, ??? is used as a placeholder for a single missing road number.

Use this link for S Scale Product Database Project

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Locomotive Update - SHS SW-8s added to S Scale Product Database Project

All S Helper Service produced EMD SW-8s have been added to the Locomotives section of the S Scale Product Database Project, including photos for most of them.

Use this link for S Scale Product Database Project

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Road Trip anyone???

Do you model in the modern era? If so consider a RV for your diorama or layout. Diecast Direct, Inc. is currently offering two fully outfitted 1:64 scale RVs. Currently available are the Cheetah by Safari and the Santiam by Beaver. Each has three slide-outs and is fully detailed inside. If the price of a 1:1 scale RV is outside your budget, this might just the the ticket for your next (model) vacation...Visit Diecast Direct's web site via the above links to see or order the models. They are in limited supply don't delay...


S Scale Consolidated Warehouse from Motrak Models

Now available exclusively through Port Lines Hobby Supplies is a new lasercut structure -- Consolidated Warehouse from Motrak Models. The building footprint is 12 1/2" (length) by 5 1/2" (width). The kit features laser cut walls (with tab and slot construction), laser cut windows and doors, and numerous white metal castings and detail parts. Contact Port Lines to order yours, or to get more information.

Locomotive Update - SHS NW-2s added to S Scale Product Database Project

All S Helper Service produced EMD NW-2s have been added to the Locomotives section of the S Scale Product Database Project, including photos for most of them.

Use this link for S Scale Product Database Project

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

TractorFab announces new Sentinel Structure Series

New TractorFab Windmill Kit
Introducing the 2012 NFTS kit - a vintage windmill.

TractorFab, who has been offering photo etched detail parts to 1/64 Scale tractor and semi enthusiasts, announces the upcoming initial release in their new Sentinel Structure Series.

The 1/64 or S Scale vintage windmill kit is of all brass photo etched construction, and is the largest kit ever produced by TractorFab.  The kit features a 10 foot diameter fan which can be built to spin, and the tail to swing.  Also included is a 34 foot 4 post square tower, with complete “wood” base, pump, and ladder.  The completed model stands about 7-1/2” tall.

Kits are scheduled to be available early November 2012, in conjunction with the National Farm Toy Show in Dyserville, IA.  List price for the kit is $44.75, and can be pre-ordered on the TractorFab web site.

And while you're at the TractorFab web site. be sure to check out their other 1:64 items -- they have quite a few!

PRR Style Passenger Shelter Laser Cut Kit

The NMRA Mid Central Region has done a special run of PRR Style Passenger Shelters in S scale. It's a laser cut kit and shipped as a 2 pack. Limited quantities are available -- they are currently available (while supplies last) via eBay at PRR Laser Kit S Scale Exclusive PRR Passenger Shelter 2 pack! Limited 


Looking for Chain?

Recently we were moving my son to Rochester NY to start life as a freshman at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) (a very impressive school BTW). As my son is into Warhammer 40K, while we were in Rochester we stopped in at Millennium Games, a Warhammer 40K purveyor located a couple of miles from campus. While browsing a great selection and chatting with the friendly staff, I ran across a product that will be useful in my modeling for scenes where I need chain. It's from Gale Force 9 and the product is 1.5mm chain (Gale Force 9 part number GFS103 Hobby Round: Iron Chain (1.5mm) and the package is 2 meters of chain on a spool. Very inexpensive -- here's a photo. In 1:64 scale it works out to approximately a 1 1/4" chain.  Looks like it would be great for securing flat car loads, use around a farm or shop for heavy duty needs, etc. And when the chain is all used up, the remaining items look to be useful as well -- the spool (perhaps as another load) and plastic case with screw top (for storage). Check it out at Millennium Games or your local wargaming hobby shop...

Monday, September 3, 2012

New VW Collections from GreenLight Collectibles

GreenLight Collectibles has released two new VW collections:

Motor World 5-Pack - Road Racers Edition


 Motor World 5-Pack - Junkyard Edition


See their web site for more details...


S Scale Product Database Project

For those of you modeling railroads in 1:64 scale, we want to call your attention to the S Scale Product Database Project. This project's goal is the cataloging of S Scale products suitable for use on model railroads. Currently the database has entries for:
  • Locomotives
  • Freight Cars
  • Cabooses
  • Maintenance of Way
  • Passenger Cars
and in the future will be cataloging other S scale items as well.

The next category planned is for S scale structures (aka buildings) which will of course be useful  on model railroads as well as other 1:64 dioramas (e.g., diecast diaramas).

The S Scale Product Database Project is online at: www.sspdp.info

Users can view the contents of the S Scale Product Database Project online, or may extract all or portions of the information (excluding photographs) out to a Microsoft Excel formatted workbook for offline or other uses.

New items are added to the S Scale Product Database Project every week, so be sure to check back frequently. And the Project is always looking for data on additional products to be added and/or updates to existing data.

The project was started with a idea back in 2003, and it really came to fruition thanks to the programming talents of the late Stan Furmanak using data provided by Stan and myself. Since that initial beginning, many, many other people have contributed their time and efforts and information to enhancing the contents of the database. We continue to receive additional updates which we make every effort to make in a timely fashion.

We hope you find it useful in your modeling activities!  And please contribute if you have additional information on products..



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